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Welcome to Donald and Patricia Perkins' garden pages. The idea for a garden diary stemmed from the occasional snippet that was put in the weather diary. Often there was more to say, but after all it was a weather diary and points were kept strictly weather related. As the Millennium Year 2000 approached the idea grew and the diary went live in January 2000. An added stimulation came in the form of an old book on our bookshelves 'Days and Hours in a Garden' by Eleanor Vere Boyle, first published in 1884; the date our house was built. This small book, with monthly descriptions of a Victorian garden at Huntercombe Manor in Buckinghamshire, is a fascinating comparison (albeit on a different scale) to our garden. So much has changed, but some things have not...

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Part of the herbaceous border in early summer. Some of the heather borders in winter. Part of the rockery terraces in spring.


There are lots of photographs and drawings in the Garden Diaries. It may take a while to download the whole file on a slow link, but you can download a month at a time.

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