Snowdon - Crib Goch: Snowline reports in season (Oct to May).

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The AWS in Gorwel Heights, Conwy.

Personal Automatic Weather Stations

Llansadwrn (alt. 351 ft)

Gorwel Heights, Llanfairfechan (alt. 241 ft)

Gorddinog, Llanfairfechan (alt. 167 ft)

Nearby village of Pentraeth (alt. 82 ft)

For other weather stations go here


Check the weather on the A55 via traffic cams and traffic information courtesy of

Traffig Cymru here

In partnership with the Welsh Assembly Government information & statistics

Traffic England here

In association with the Highways Agency

Traffic Scotland here

In association with Transport Scotland

Kingsland - Penrhos, Holyhead

Britannia Bridge - eastbound

Britannia Bridge - westbound

Headland road at Tunnel

Pen y Clip Tunnel & coast

Rhuallt Hill

The ROSA 'Icestat' on Pentraeth Road, Llansadwrn. Click for information.

Roadside Weather Information

Temperature, wind speed etc. live data from over 55 UK regions (but, unfortunately availability has been discontinued, there is one on the Pentraeth Road), and some in Europe and USA!

Weather and rainfall radar

From the UK Met Office

Met Office homepage




See below for European and local rainfall archived images

Rainfall radar
Latest radar page

Latest VALLEY 24-hours page

Severe weather Wales
Latest page

Latest UK obs

Gale warning

Highseas and storms


Snowdon - Crib Goch: Snowline reports in season (Oct to May).

Snowdonia Mountains

Forecast for Snowdonia National Park

Forecast for Brecon Beacons National Park

Courtesy of the UK Met Office

Weather forecast Snowdonia National Park and current conditions at Capel Curig

Weather forecast Lleyn Peninsula and current conditions at Aberdaron

BBC Weather

Weather from the BBC Weather Centre

Latest Anglesey weather

Map of sferics on 28 July 2008.

World & European lightning (sferics) maps

Latest sferics

Courtesy of


Latest European sferics 15-min with 48-h archive

Courtesy of UQAM-Reading Weather Centre


The TORRO logo.

Severe Weather Forecast

TORRO Severe Weather Forecast UK


Heavy rain on 22 Sep 2007.

European current and archived rainfall radar

Latest 15 min Wales & Irish Sea

Latest 15 min UK & Europe Click on map to enlarge your location

Archived Courtesy of

UK and Europe rainfall radar By the MeteoGroup


Latest hourly METAR weather reports

NOTE: Times of observations are given first as EST for the USA.
For GMT (Z) see UTC.

Some reports at weekends and public holidays are automatic

METAR and other listed (decoded) reports are courtesy of the University of Wyoming (Dept. of Atmospheric Science)

These links are for weather enthusiasts, aviators have their own special arrangements for receiving such information

VALLEY Anglesey
List   METAR

BENBECULA Outer Hebrides
List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

DUNDEE Riverside, Scotland
List   METAR

>GLASGOW Scotland
List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

ALDERGROVE Belfast, N Ireland

DUBLIN Ireland
List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

List   METAR

EXETER England
List   METAR

GUERNSEY Channel Islands
List   METAR

Photograph of marine buoy type ODAS 33 [180KB]

UK Marine Buoys

Latest weather reports

Reports by courtesy of the National Weather Service (NOAA) of the USA.

Exeter analysis chart for 1200 GMT on 9 August 2000: Courtesy Met Office

Europe/ North Atlantic Analysis Charts

Met Office analysis & forecast charts
0000 GMT chart archive

Europe/ North Atlantic Forecast Charts

Analysis  T+24h   +36h   +48h   +60h   +72h   +84h   +96h   +108h   +120h

UK Met Office (Exeter) charts archived courtesy of Georg Müller at Top Karten and Karsruhe University in Germany

Exeter analysis chart for 1200 GMT on 9 August 2000: Courtesy the Met office.

Archived European Analysis Charts

Archiv Bodendruckanalysen 1880-1949

NCEP Reanalysis 1948- last month

UK MetO charts from 1998

Courtesy of Georg Müller at Top Karten

Ireland, Irish Sea, Wales and the Northwest


Latest Met Éireann charts
Recent Irish weather reports
Yesterday's Irish weather
Irish and Irish Sea rainfall radar
Coastal and marine buoy reports; Irish Sea state report

Courtesy of Met Éireann (The Irish Meteorological Service)


Wind and forecasts.

Plotted data for the UK and N France

Courtesy of

  • Data/ maps
  • Atlantic plot.

    Plotted analysis charts for the UK & Europe

    Courtesy of
    UQAM-Reading Weather Centre
    UQAM-Montreal Weather Centre

  • UK hourly
  • Atlantic hourly
  • Europe lightning strikes

  • Composite forecast charts for the next 9 days: Courtesy of Georg Mueller at Top Karten

    GFS 9 day forecast charts

    Charts courtesy of Georg Müller at Top Karten

    MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Co.) Container Vessel. (c) D Perkins.

    Irish Sea Shipping

    Ships current positions Menai Strait and Anglesey

    Ships current positions around Anglesey.

    Ships on the Irish Sea

    Ships in the English Channel & near Dover

    Courtesy of Irish Sea Shipping

    On passage at sunset. (c) D Perkins.

    Passage Weather Worldwide

    Pressure Charts, and 7-day Wind and Wave Forecasts based on the GFS model.

    Courtesy of PassageWeather

    The latest 24 hours of World Weather in images from

    Ferdinand Valk images

    00h image 06h image 09h image 12h image 15h image 18h image 21h image


    Satellite Images

    Bernard Burton's Homepage for Wokingham Weather & Archive.

    Bernard Burton's specialist HRPT satellite images. Images are archived and are available on CD ROM.

  • Latest images
  • Archive images
  • Courtesy of Bernard Burton

    Link through to Dundee Satellite Receiving Station Homepage.

    University of Dundee Satellite Receiving Station

    Register (free) to view a comprehensive archive of images from several satellite systems


    Ferdinand Valk images

    Daily Meteosat, Goes and other images of Europe and the globe.


    Noctilucent clouds seen from Anglesey on 27/28 July 2001. Photo: courtesy of John Rowlands (Anglesey).

    Noctilucent clouds

    Season May to August

    Tom McEwan's Noctilucent Cloud pages

    How to observe

    AuroraWatch UK

    AuroraWatch UK homepage

    How to receive alerts

    Courtesy of the University of Lancaster

    NOAA/ POES aurora forecast.

    Aurora Forecast

    Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks

    Courtesy of the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks

    Rainbow over Snowdonia Mountains (c) D Perkins.

    Atmospheric Optics

    Rainbows, Ice Halos, Water droplets, Rays and Shadows and lots more

    Air Quality Information (MODIS AQUA image courtesy of the Rapid Response Team at NASA/GSFC).

    Air Quality (Pollution)

    Ozone, SO2, NOx, PM10, TSP Live data

    Courtesy of the Welsh Air Quality Forum

    Earth Observatory at NASA

    Natural Hazards and Earth Science Features

    At NASA's Earth Observatory site extensive use is made of satellite imagery

    Natural Hazards
    Visible Earth Images
    Global Maps

    Courtesy of NASA

    Tropical cyclone information (Hurricane Rita 2005: MODIS AQUA image courtesy of the Rapid Response Team at NASA/GSFC).


    Tropical Cyclone & Marine Forecast and Advisories

    Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather 2-Day Outlook

    Courtesy of the US National Weather Service

    Stromboli volcanic island with cumulus cloud. Photo D.Perkins.


    Alaska Volcano Observatory
    Cascades Volcano Observatory (Mount Rainier & Mount St. Helens)
    Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

    Links below courtesy of John Seach website
    Volcano latest news of eruptions
    Volcano live cams around the world


    Earthquakes & Earth Tremors

    BGS logo.

    British Geological Survey, Edinburgh

    UK recent events

    UK map of events

    UK historic events      Significant UK earthquakes

    World events

    EMSC logo.

    European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre

    Latest European map

    List of latest earthquakes

    Earthquakes nearest you

    U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program

    Latest earthquakes

    All about Earthquakes

    What is an Earthquake?

    Read about dust from Alaska wildfires falling on Anglesey.

    European Dust Deposition Forecast


    Choose dust (concentration or load etc.) and time required up to 3+ days

    University of Athens SKIRON Homepage

    Above courtesy of the University of Athens

    Investigated dust deposition in Anglesey on 26 Dec 2011. Latest dustfall

    Royal National Lifeboat Institution

    Royal National Lifeboat Institution



    Blue Peter Lifeboat Station at Beaumaris, Anglesey.

    Beaumaris Blue Peter Lifeboat Station

    Information, history and listed callouts.

    Menai Strait: Looking towards Llandudno from Beaumaris on 19 July 2000 at 10 GMT.



    West coast surf.

    Tide Table (Liverpool, Llandudno & Holyhead), Tidal Predictions & Real Time Gauges around the UK

    UK & Irish Predictions
    UK Tide Gauge Network (Near real-time data)
    Liverpool NRT data
    Holyhead NRT data

    Courtesy of the (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory) National Tidal & Sea Level Facility

    From coast to deep ocean: Visit the National Oceanography Centre

    Abersoch surf cam


    Surf Report

    Courtesy of West Coast Surf

    Weather forecasts

    Beach forecast & tide times



    Atlantic/ Highseas Storm

    Courtesy of UK Met Office Specialist Forecasts

    Weather for Sailors

    Frank Singleton's Site


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