Beaumaris flooded on 22 October 2004. Photo John Wynne-Jones

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Beaumaris floods: Series of photographs taken by John Wynne-Jones on 22 October 2004

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  Boats were in use in Castle Street during the evening  
Stryd y Castell Castle Street Flooded: Boats were used to assist residents
  Deep water at the E end of Castle Street  
Stryd y Castell Castle Street Flooded: Waist deep water at the E end near the Castle
  Flood water was retained within the sea-defence bank near the RA Yacht Club  
Flood water at Green Edge was retained behind the sea-defence bank around the Green on the right
  Flood water near the entrance to Mill Lane  
West End Flooded: Deep flood water near the entrance to Mill Lane at Townsend
  Flooding in Mill Lane  
Ger Mill Lane at Townsend was under water; emergency crew inspecting property
  Mill Lane under water  
Deep flowing water on Ger Mill Lane enters nearby properties
  Fire crews used pumps to reduce the water level and pump out many properties  
Up to 5 fire tenders and crew attended; the scene between Townsend and West End
  Water mud and leaves on their way to  Castle Street  
Water running down Allt Gch Fawr Big Red Hill towards Castle Street
  Car submerged in over 4 ft of water in Henllys Lane  
A submerged car in Henllys Lane
  Force of water heading down Red Hill towards the town  
Force of water heading for the town
  Normally a tiny stream a torrent of water nears the town  
Torrent of water widens as it nears the town
  With a roar some of the water cascades on to the beach  
The stream, normally a trickle, cascading with a roar on to the beach at the bottom of Allt Gch Bch Little Red Hill

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I am grateful to John Wynne-Jones of Beaumaris for permission to use his photographs

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