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    Climatological Observers Link

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    The Climatological Observers Link (COL), founded in 1970, is an organisation of some 400 members who make weather observations, or are interested in just reading about the weather. A monthly Bulletin, edited by Roger Brugge, is published about 3 weeks after the end of each month and is available online a few days earlier. This includes comprehensive data and monthly summaries from over 250 stations all over the UK, and some from abroad. It includes comment, news items and letters on the weather written by members. An annual summary of data is published. Also available are:
    Climatological Averages and Extremes for periods from 1961 to 1990. This 200-page book contains data from COL stations and for many other European stations as well.
    Climatological Averages for 1971-2000. Contains monthly averages of mean temperature, total rainfall and total sunshine records for over 200 COL stations.

    For further information check out the web pages at:

  • The Climatological Observers Link.
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    Royal Meteorological Society

    The Royal Meteorological Society logo.

    The Royal Meteorological Society celebrated the 150th anniversary of its foundation in 2000. The Society publishes several journals, including the monthly Weather, and organises a series of weekly meetings and frequent major conferences. There are specialist and regionally run groups.


    For further information check out the web pages at:

  • The Royal Meteorological Society.

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    Tornado and Storm Research Organisation

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    The Tornado and Storm Research organisation (TORRO) was established in 1974. TORRO collects reports of thunderstorms, tornadoes (and whirlwinds), large and damaging hail and associated phenomenon from the UK and around Europe. Most of the research work can be found in the Journal of Meteorology (10 issues a year) published in association with TORRO (see below). Research is also presented at TORRO's meetings held twice a year and at conferences held every 2-3 years.

    For further information check out the web pages at:

  • The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation.


    International Journal of Meteorology

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    The International Journal of Meteorology now publishes an online version and plan 12 issues a year.


    For further information check out the web pages at:

  • The International Journal of Meteorology.



    Weather Observers Network

    The Weather Observers Network, founded in 1999 by Dave Mutton, produces a monthly magazine of weather observations. Published about 3 weeks after the end of the month it contains data from over 140 weather stations across the UK and abroad. Included are tables of temperature, rainfall, sunshine and weather. Short articles written by members supplement monthly station notes.

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