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10 August 2001 Cumulus clouds over Snowdonia. View from Gaerwen looking towards Llanddaniel. Yr Wyddfa Snowdon is on the right, Carnedd Dafydd on the left.
16 August 2001 Cumulonimbus cloud over Snowdonia at 1504 GMT. View is from the weather station.
24 August 2001 Gallows Point at Beaumaris: boats drawn up on the hard on a receding tide. Across the Straits the mountains are obscured by low cloud.
30 August 2001 Caernarfon harbour: boats are dried out with the tide on the turn; brighter weather can just be seen above the harbour entrance next to the castle tower.
30 August 2001 From Caernarfon looking towards the western entrance to the Menai Strait and Abermenai Point. Frontal cloud that brought rain during the early part of the day is just starting to clear. Also to be seen is a line of decaying cumulus clouds.
6 September 2001 The sky beginning to clear at Beaumaris. The old Court House, White Lion Hotel and Museum of Childhood.
6 September 2001 Castle Street Beaumaris looking away from the castle towards West End.
17 September 2001 The research vessel 'Prince Madog' tied up at Menai Bridge pier. Beyond is Bangor Pier with the Great Orme at Llandudno.
20 September 2001 Cumulus clouds dispersing. Looking across the Menai Strait from Caernarfon towards the Mermaid Inn and the old Tal-y-Foel pier
23 September 2001 Lee-wave clouds at 11.23 am. Looking S from the weather station.
28 September 2001 Lee-wave clouds seen looking towards the Carneddau Mountains.
28 September 2001 Lee-wave clouds over Llansadwrn.
28 September 2001 Lee-wave clouds in the lee of Crib Goch and Yr Wyddfa Snowdon (to the left) and Moel Eilio (centre).
2 October 2001 View of a sunny Anglesey from Port Dinorwic Y Felinheli (Saltwater-mill) across the choppy Menai Strait. Yacht club and marina.
2 October 2001 View of Moel-y-don (site of ancient ferry pier and C18th ship building, of 100 tons displacement) and Llanedwen Church (rebuilt mid-C19th), across the Menai Strait from Y Felinheli.
4 October 2001 Shower clouds replacing cirrus above Traeth Benllech, looking E towards Bwrdd Arthur.
4 October 2001 Cirrus clouds to the north with empty oil tankers 'awaiting orders' sheltering in the lee of Point Lynas (from Traeth Benllech).
5 October 2001 Lee-wave clouds over the Menai Strait frontal cloud approaching on horizon. On the Anglesey side looking SSW from Nelson's statue (by Lord Clarence Paget 1873; inscription on S side 'England expects....' and 'Fell at Trafalgar 1805'), Y Felinheli is around the bend on the S bank.
6 October 2001 Fair-weather cumulus over Port Penrhyn in Bangor, Gwynedd. You can just see the headland at Penmaenmawr beyond.
12 October 2001 Lee-wave clouds over Llansadwrn.
12 October 2001 The lee-wave clouds as seen from Traeth Goch Red Wharf Bay).
16 October 2001 Across the Menai Strait from Beaumaris a small freighter has left Port Penrhyn with storm clouds over Snowdonia.
19 October 2001 Rain on a frontal trough was just clearing Anglesey. View is looking towards the Nant Ffrancon Pass (obscured in cloud).
20 October 2001 The evening sky across the 'old cricket field' at Gadlys, Llansadwrn.
26 October 2001 View across the Menai Strait with cumulus clouds hanging over Snowdonia. The view is looking across the Menai Strait towards Betws Garmon with Moel Eilio (2382 ft) on the left and Mynydd Mawr (2290 ft) on the right. The tide is rising and just flooding the sandbank Traeth Gwyllt opposite Caernarfon.
27 October 2001 The old David Hughes school and part of Beaumaris Castle. There was a clear sky over Anglesey but some cloud was straying over the Strait from the mountains.
28 October 2001 A peach coloured sunset across the fields near the weather station.
8 November 2001 Dramatic backlit cumulus clouds with downward and upward crepuscular rays seen at Caernarfon.
9 November 2001 A fine display of crepuscular rays seen in the morning from the weather station. View is looking towards the Nant Ffrancon Pass on the mainland.
9 November 2001 Light snow covering Yr Wyddfa and Crib Goch. View is taken from Gaerwen looking towards Llanddaniel Fab.
14 November 2001 Low water at Beaumaris after a sunny afternoon. Nearly all the boats were on the hard at Gallows Point for the winter.
14 November 2001 All the recent snow had melted on the Carneddau Mountains by the afternoon. View is from Gallows Point with some boats on the hard on the right.
25 November 2001 A dramatic evening sky seen from the weather station.
2 December 2001 Carneddau Mountains, with a little snow, backlit by the rising sun with lee-wave clouds.
5 December 2001 A rough sea on a grey afternoon in Red Wharf Bay.
5 December 2001 The shingle spit at Red Wharf Bay. A sheltered corner on a rough afternoon.
8 December 2001 A colourful evening sky after the sun had set. Cirrus clouds higher in the sky were still tinted pink.
10 December 2001 Inversion smoke haze in the Menai Strait. Note the mountain summits, including Snowdon, were clear.
10 December 2001 Puffin sound at low water on a calm sunny winter's day. Note smoke haze in Liverpool Bay.
10 December 2001 The shingle beach at Trwyn Du looking NW towards Trwyn Dinmor and in the distance, beyond Traeth Goch, is Point Lynas in smoke haze.
11 December 2001 Smoke haze trapped by inversion in the Menai Strait on a cloudless winter's day. Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) summit 3560 ft is on the right.
11 December 2001 The smoke haze continued into Caernarfon Bay with the Lleyn mountaintops in clearer air. Yr Eifl (The Rivals) summit, centre of 3 on the right, is 1850 ft.
13 December 2001 Cloud forming a cap on the Carneddau Mountains. A brisk easterly wind was making rough water on the Menai Strait off 'The Green' at Beaumaris.
14 December 2001 The first sunbeams over the Carneddau Mountains at 0851 GMT.
17 December 2001 A sunny morning and clear blue sky in Beaumaris. Taken from the end of the pier the view is of the West End with the top of the church tower just in view on the right.
17 December 2001 A dramatic sky just after sunset, with the cloud thick enough to give to give a few spots of rain.
23 December 2001 What looks like a large container vessel the 'Blue Marlin' is moored in deep water off Puffin Island (Ynys Seiriol). There is a lot of mystery regarding this vessel that is said to be a recovery vessel used in the Gulf War and owned by the Indian Government. Cloud remained thick over Liverpool Bay with the approach of a warm front.
25 December 2001 A sprinkling of fresh snow covering the Carneddau Mountains on Christmas morning 2001.
26 December 2001 Fresh snow on our 'Brittany sage' (a shrub Salvia sp.) that was still in flower in the garden on Boxing Day!
26 December 2001 Snow covered Snowdonia Mountains with well-developed cumulus clouds at 1147 GMT. View from Gaerwen towards Llanddaniel Fab.
29 December 2001 Cumulus clouds over Snowdonia: Snowdon on the right obscured in a snow shower while Tryfan and Cwm Idwal on the left were clear at 1408 GMT. View from Llansadwrn.
30 December 2001 Cumulonimbus cloud seen forming at 1334 GMT view looking across Anglesey from Llansadwrn towards Holyhead.
30 December 2001 Cumulus clouds decaying and forming stratocumulus later in the afternoon.

Photographs on this page were taken with a Casio QV-3000EX/lr digital camera.

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