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3 January 2003 From the weather station snow could be seen falling in the Nant Ffrancon Pass.
___3 January 2003 Backlit cumulus clouds, with crepuscular rays, seen across the River Cefni at Malltraeth in the afternoon. There were showers of snow pellets in Malltraeth from 1815 GMT.
5 January 2003 A frost encrusted grass minimum thermometer at the time of the morning observation.
10 January 2003 Snow cover on Carnedd Llewelyn and Carnedd Dafydd on this day.
___10 January 2003 There was a light covering of snow on Snowdon. View into the Llanberis Pass from Brynsiencyn.
11 January 2002 Panorama The view across Malltraeth Marsh looking towards Snowdonia showing smoke (pollution) haze. Snowdon is situated above the white cottage.
___11 January 2002 The sun was setting over the railway viaduct and the River Cefni through Malltraeth Marsh. Smoke haze has enhanced the colours. A train from Bangor on its way to Holyhead has just crossed.
26 January 2003 A vivid red sunset across the field near the weather station.
30 January 2003 Light snow was covering the Carneddau Mountains and slopes of the Nant Ffrancon Pass in the morning.
3 February 2003 Corticolous foliose and crustose lichens, with mosses and ivy, growing on an ash tree in Llansadwrn. With low air pollution many species of lichen can be found growing on trees and walls in Llansadwrn. Winter is a good time of year to look at lichens especially on trees. In the absence of leaves on the trees plenty of light and moisture reaches the lichens and they grow well.
5 February 2003 Partially thawed and refrozen 2-3 mm snow pellets lying on the ground at the time of the morning observations.
___5 February 2003 Panorama A view of the Snowdonia Mountains taken from near the weather station.
9 February 2002 Looking SE in Llansadwrn there were towering cumulus over the Snowdonia Mountains The weather station is over the tree-lined ridge to the S.
13 February 2002 Sunlight was caught filtering through trees on to heavy white frost that was just beginning to melt at the time of the morning observations.
___13 February 2002 Early thick fog was clearing leaving shallow fog across the fields from the weather station.
14 February 2003 Beads of silver frost had formed on the grass on St. Valentines Day morning. These are supercooled dewdrops that freeze as the temperature lowers; at minus 2.0C showing on the grass thermometer some of the water droplets were frozen.
15 February 2003 In the afternoon a fire was lit to burn gorse below Carnedd Llewelyn during the afternoon.
___15 February 2003 Under Snowdon can be seen smoke from other fires.
19 February 2002 At sunrise there were pink-coloured orographic waves formed in thin high cloud seen looking S from the weather station towards Moel Eilio.
20 February 2003 A clearing sky with lee-wave clouds to the S of the weather station.
___20 February 2003 The same view S with mountain fire seen at 1753 GMT. It was quite a large fire that burned on 2 sides of the mountain.
24 February 2003 Frontal cloud with cirrostratus and waves were seen in the morning looking S towards Moel Eilio on the mainland.
___24 February 2003 Waves formed in cirrus cloud to the S of the weather station.
___24 February 2003 Air spilling over the mountains from the S was forming cumulus clouds in the Nant Ffrancon Pass. The clouds increased through the day.
___24 February 2003 By the afternoon cumulus 'cap' clouds had increased over the mountains and lee-waves clouds formed over Llansadwrn.
25 February 2003 On a hazy morning in Beaumaris, with a south-easterly wind over the mountains, there was a small lee-clearance and a dark orographic (wave) cloud hanging over the Menai Strait.
1 March 2003 Storm clouds were just clearing leaving a sprinkling of snow on the Carneddau Mountains at 1700 GMT.
2 March 2003 On this day most the sky over Anglesey was cloud-free. This view, in a still leafless lane in Llansadwrn, looks SE towards the mountains of Snowdonia. A line of cumulus clouds persisted over the mountains, and to the S, all day.
___2 March 2003 Llansadwrn church was in deep shadow in the afternoon sunshine with well-developed cumulus clouds in a line over the mountains.
___2 March 2003 As the afternoon went on convection increased and, still keeping in lines, cumulus clouds were towering in this view looking S from the weather station.
13 March 2003 Pollution smoke seen to the W against low stratocumulus in the Irish Sea after a peach coloured sunset.
14 March 2003 Panorama View from the willow hide across Llyn Parc Mawr near the cob at Malltraeth on a warm day under blue skies. The 10 acre (4 ha) freshwater lake was created and is managed by Forest Enterprise for wildlife. The design allows for seasonal variation in water level and provides several small islands and sand bars. The sandy margin, suitable for wildfowl and wading birds, is largest in spring and autumn and extends to 2/3rd of the area. Birds seen on this day were Moorhen, Coot, Pochard, Tufted Duck, Mallard and Canada Geese. Can you spot the birch hide on the other side of the lake?
21 March 2003 The setting sun with a rare sun pillar seen from 1810 - 1900 GMT. There was a high golden pillar that was more colourful nearer the ground. Sun pillars are halo phenomenon, the result of reflection of the suns rays off one of the six faces of columnar ice crystals lying horizontally to the ground. The ice crystals are in cirrus clouds, seen in the photographs above lower clouds behind which the sun set. The colours are due mainly to pollutants and dust in the lower atmosphere; levels had been high in past days because of a long-lasting temperature inversion. Sometimes sundogs, or parhelia, can be seen on either side of the sun but on this occasion would have been hidden by the low cloud.
___21 March 2003 The sun pillar just after the sun had set. Wide angle view looking west across the A55 Expressway at Gaerwen, Anglesey.
___21 March 2003 Larger view of the sun pillar.
2 April 2003 Orographic wave clouds were seen to the W of the weather station at 1837 GMT.
3 April 2003 Panorama A clearing sky over Anglesey left lines of convective cumulus clouds (an orographic wave cloud formation): View across Anglesey looking N from between Capel Mawr and Bethel.
14 April 2003 Looking towards the mountains of Snowdonia on an afternoon overcast with high cloud. Despite the dry weather ploughed fields were showing a shimmer of green as the spring sown cereals germinated and produced the first leaves.
___14 April 2003 Later a hole started to appear in the cloud at 1332 GMT.
___14 April 2003 As the sky cleared orographic wave clouds could be seen to the S at 1335 GMT.
16 April 2003 The glaringly white sun after sunrise, and lack of blue coloration of the sky, at 0804 GMT was caused by dust and sand particles transported from North Africa in suspension high in the atmosphere. Cirrus clouds and contrails above the dust were invisible from below.
17 April 2003 The full moon was caught setting in the W near sunrise at 0515 GMT. It looked coloured because it was reflecting the rising sun just below the dust plume. When above the dust the sun turned white but the moon had set.
18 April 2003 The view looking N from Capel Mawr across Anglesey in continued dust and smoke haze.
___18 April 2003 The sky was clearing by evening revealing cirrus and contrails that had been invisible.
28 April 2003 A wet and windy morning at the Blue Peter Lifeboat Station in Beaumaris.
7 May 2003 Shallow (radiation) fog had formed across the fields in an early morning frontal clearance. Most the trees were in bright green leaf and the grass lush after recent rains.
8 May 2003 Cumulus clouds built up in the afternoon along the NE end of the Menai Strait, adjacent to the mainland mountains. View of part of Anglesey from Caernarfon. Across the Menai Strait is the old Foel pier and the Mermaid Inn. The tide was rising at 1241 GMT (high at 1417 GMT) but the Traeth Gwyllt sand bank was just visible on the right near the Anglesey shore
___8 May 2003 Cumulus clouds were more developed in the afternoon along the NE end of the Menai Strait, the sky was clearer along the coast in the west.
12 May 2003 The setting sun casts shadows on the Carneddau Mountains: View from Llansadwrn near the weather station.
13 May 2003 Cumulus clouds towering over Snowdonia to the S of the weather station had been a feature of the last several days.
14 May 2003 At Aberffraw dunes, W of Anglesey, it was mainly clear and sunny at 1406 GMT. In the SE of the island lines of orographic clouds had formed as air from the NW was uplifted across the Snowdonia Mountains.
___14 May 2003 Panorama View of Aberffraw beach (looking N) 20 mins after low water on a spring tide. Rocks and pools usually underwater were exposed. The dunes are at the top of the beach in the centre of the picture. Note the mostly clear sky to the NW with cumulus clouds just starting to form with the orographic clouds to the SE mostly hidden behind low cliffs on the right.
27 May 2003 A dull and grey morning at Beaumaris. Across the Menai Strait low cloud and drizzle on the lower slopes of the mountains persisted most of the day.
8 June 2003 A clearing sky over NW Anglesey in the afternoon. View is looking across the A55 from near Capel Mawr towards Holyhead Mountain some 14 miles away.
12 June 2003 Panorama A line of orographic cumulus over Snowdonia persisted into the afternoon. Note smooth base on the right (westward) and disturbed base left (eastward) of the Nant Ffrancon pass.
15 June 2003 A sea breeze front developed in the afternoon lying NW - SE across Anglesey. View looking NE up Cefni Estuary across the saltmarsh at 1425 GMT.
16 June 2003 Cloud over Snowdonia (shaped like a bird?) with milky white sky because of a plume of dust in the atmosphere. View is looking S towards Yr Wyddfa and was taken from Bwrdd Arthur in SE Anglesey.
View near the top of rocky South Stack. 23 June 2003 In the afternoon cloud was beginning to encroach upon Anglesey from the W. View is looking S from Twr Ellin, near South Stack NW Anglesey, with Llyn Peninsular just visible on horizon left.
___23 June 2003 View looking NW from South Stack towards the lighthouse showing encroaching cloud.
___23 June 2003 The lighthouse at South Stack taken against the light with MV Balmoral, on one of it's occasional visits, passing to port on a 'round-the-island' trip. Along with most lights around the coast it is now unmanned and is fully automatic.
___23 June 2003 Panorama The view across SW Anglesey from one of the 19 round houses, a settlement dating from the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age, at Ty Mawr near South Stack. The buildings were excavated in 1978 - 1982 and found not to be of the same period but range over more than 1000 years. The settlement was an agricultural one consisting of about 8 homesteads, not all occupied at the same time, and various stores and workshops. There is evidence of a ploughed field system, and finds of grain grinding stones and dumps of sea shells especially of limpets. The site in in the care of Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments.
___23 June 2003 Looking N into the entrance of a S facing round house. Note the recent invasion of bracken taking place on the hillside above and around the houses.
___23 June 2003 One of the ancient buildings used as a store room or workshop.
24 June 2003 It was a warm day with hazy sunshine on Anglesey. The view is of Ynys Llanddwyn and beyond Yr Eifl on the Llyn Peninsular. The marram grass was flowering on the dunes.
2 July 2003 In a light northerly breeze orographic and lee-waves clouds were persistent to the S of the weather station in the evening. The weather station is on a ridge (107 m) running NE - SW. The upflow of air was affecting the cloud formations.
___2 July 2003 A complex cloud picture seen looking N on the same evening and time.
5 July 2003 Under a blanket of cloud the view is towards the Snowdonia Mountains from Tywyn Aberffraw.
9 July 2003 Several contrails were seen in a clear sky above Llansadwrn. Unusual here, more like being near a major airport. They had probably drifted over from the approaches to Manchester and Liverpool.
___9 July 2003 It was a sunny afternoon in Castle Street Beaumaris. View is of the Town Hall, complete with hanging baskets.
14 July 2003 Upwardly sloping crepuscular rays seen in the evening sky.
21 July 2003 Panorama A linear cumulus cloud formation developed over Snowdonia and was persistent most of the day. View (centre of picture) is looking S from Llangeinwen (SW Anglesey) over the village of Dwyran. Beyond, on the mainland, is Caernarfon with Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) above. Water in Caernarfon Bay, under the Lleyn mountains, is visible on the right as is Morfa Dinlleu. On the far left is Penmaenmawr and the Carneddau Mountains stretching towards the Llanberis Pass near the centre left of the picture.
22 July 2003 A sunny morning in Beaumaris on 22 July 2003. The Market Square was looking resplendent with potted plants and hanging baskets.
___1 August 2003 The Henge and later Chambered Tomb at Bryn Celli Ddu near Llanddaniel Fab. The mound is about 30 m diameter and 5 m high from the bottom of a surrounding ditch and dates from the Neolithic.
1 August 2003 Entrance to the Chambered Tomb. The divided passage to the centre is 8 m long and 1 m wide and is roofed by large cap stones. The inner passage has a low wall or bench and 2 upright stones.
4 August 2003 The sky lost much of its blue colour during the afternoon but kept sunny as a dust plume arrived from north Africa. The next day pale reddish-brown dust was deposited in light showers of rain. The view is of the S corner of Traeth Aberffraw.
___4 August 2003 Locals and holidaymakers enjoying the sea and sand including traditional beach cricket played by some local youths.
___12 August 2003 Inversion or sea fog filling the Cefni Estuary with the mountains on the Lleyn Peninsular standing clear in the background.
___21 August 2003 With the wind blowing from the SSW (across the picture) complex cloud formations, including piles-of-plates, seen across the Menai Strait towards the Carneddau Mountains.
___21 August 2003 A wider view of the same clouds taken from near the Four Crosses at Menai Bridge.
16 September 2003 Sunrise over Malltraeth Marsh and Snowdonia on 16 September 2003. Photo (c) Gordon Perkins.
2 October 2003 Hazy morning sunshine in the Menai Strait at Beaumaris.
___3 October 2003 Frontal cloud bands moving SE across Anglesey. View is from the Cob at Malltraeth at 0655 GMT. Photo (c) Gordon Perkins.
___21 October 2003 Fresh snow had fallen on the Carneddau Mountains.
___23 October 2003 A sunny view of the Menai Suspension Bridge, near low water, with snow on the mountains.
___24 October 2003 Cumulus clouds over Porthaethwy where the streets were taken over for the annual Ffair Borth. Photo © Gordon Perkins
___29 October 2003 It was cloudy here but aurora were seen looking NW from Coleraine, N Ireland around 2200 GMT. Photo © Mike Tullet.
___29 October 2003 Such good images of aurora it's worth seeing another one. Photo © Mike Tullet.
___30 October 2003 Aurora display this time seen from Cumbria. Photo © Anita Evans.
___30 October 2003 Lee-wave clouds just ahead of frontal cloud approaching from the SW during the afternoon. Looking S from the weather station.
___30 October 2003 Coleraine, N Ireland was the place to be to see aurora this year. Photo © Mike Tullet.
___30 October 2003 No luck here again but they were seen from Cumbria. Photo © Anita Evans.
___31 October 2003 What we are not short of are lenticular lee-wave clouds. Here seen from Llansadwrn, over the western end of the Menai Strait, under a cumulonimbus cloud.
2 November 2003 Sometimes you have to be quick with the camera! Agglomerated hailstones up to 15 mm diameter (callipers set on 10 mm) were rapidly melting as I took this photograph.
___4 November 2003 Autumn colours were continuing to develop on a beech tree near the weather station on this day in November.
___6 November 2003 A sunny morning on the Menai Strait near high water. Looking SSW across the Strait towards Penrhyn Castle.
___7 November 2003 A clear view of Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa), across the tree-lined Menai Strait showing autumn colours, from Brynsiencyn. Some patchy cloud did not stop it being warm (near 20C) in a Föhn-like wind.
___8 November 2003 Billowing cumulus clouds were capping the Snowdonia Mountains in an easterly wind. Seen from near the weather station where it was mainly sunny.
___20 November 2003 Aurora display seen from Coleraine, N Ireland at 1800 GMT. Photo © Mike Tullet.
___27 November 2003 Castell Caernarfon Castle and Pont yr Aber the Aber Swing Bridge caught in a sunny moment between dark cumulus clouds.
___29 November 2003 Rainbow seen looking north north-east from the weather station.
¤ 4 December 2003 Under grey skies Christmas lights were being put up outside the Post Office in Beaumaris.
___4 December 2003 A mock sun photographed overlooking Caernarfon Harbour after sunset on 4 December 2003.
___5 December 2003 The moment of sunset looking across Anglesey photographed from Gaerwen.
___5 December 2003 Smoke (pollution) haze in the western Menai Strait seen against the backdrop of the Snowdonia Mountains.
___5 December 2003 At sunset smoke haze seen in across the Menai Strait in the Llanberis Pass against the backdrop of the Snowdonia Mountains (Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa is on the right).
___8 December 2003 Sharply edged frontal cloud arrived over the weather station in the afternoon.
___17 December 2003 There is no need to visit Stonehenge when you can see this. Sunrise over the Carneddau Mountains. Being so near to the winter solstice the sun is about as far south as it goes along the ridge.
___19 December 2003 Enhanced by Saharan dust in the air today shallow fog glows golden at sunset.
___30 December 2003 The sun was obscured by thin cloud above snow on the Carneddau Mountains.
___29 December 2003 A weather front clearing south leaves cirrus clouds and contrails in the sky over a sunny Beaumaris.

Photographs on this page were mostly taken with a Casio QV-3000EX/lr digital camera.

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